5. Terrazzo can be cold during winter

op 5 Secrets of Terrazzo Tiles That No One Is Telling You

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Yes. Terrazzo tiles offer numerous benefits when it comes to home décor and maintenance, yet there are some things you might need to know to maximize their usage. In reality, Terrazzo tiles are among the most durable and versatile renovation materials, whether for residential or commercial use. Hence, don’t take it as an exaggeration when contractors and architects start to sing their praises.

Meanwhile, as good as terrazzo tiles can be, there are still some cons that people choose to keep hidden, or maybe, overlook. I wouldn’t blame them; terrazzo is worth all the accolades. 

However, knowing the cons of these tiles wouldn’t make you rate them less; it will only give you a clearer picture of how to use them appropriately. So, I am not giving out the secrets to providing a misrepresentation of these tiles; I am only giving you some essential hints to help you know what to do and what not to do with the tiles per time. 

So, what are secrets about terrazzo tiles that people seldom discuss? Let’s unveil and discuss them one after the other. 

1. Terrazzo tile is a not Do-It-Yourself choice

I know it’s good to try a few things by oneself and not always run to professionals for assistance in every situation. Especially when it comes to minor home improvement projects, it is always a smart idea to put your creative skills to work and retain the money you would have spent to hire an expert. 

But, for terrazzo tiles, it is NO-NO. I know it might sound somewhat discouraging, but that is just the simple truth. It can be very challenging to lay terrazzo tiles in any part of your if you don’t have the required experience and level of expertise. Especially if you plan to put it in situ, you might end up spoiling the whole thing if you are not a pro. Click here to read about the Top 6 Reasons to Install Terrazzo Tiles in Your Garden.

Hence, the next time you go to the market to purchase terrazzo tiles, let it be at the back of your mind that you will have to separate the money you will pay the professional tiler to help you lay them. 

2. Terrazzo tiles can be expensive 

When people tell me they’d prefer to use terrazzo tiles on their floor or wall, but they have a low budget, I always advise them to consider other options. Why? Because terrazzo tiles are not for low-budget home renovation projects. How do I mean?

First, terrazzo tiles are costly. From experience, the cost has been one of the reasons many homeowners withdraw from purchasing terrazzo tiles. Though, it might not seem like terrazzo tiles are expensive, especially if you can gallantly afford the cost. But, if you compare its prices to other tiles of similar quality, you will see a clear difference. 

Aside from the high price, it requires only the expertise of a professional tiler to lay terrazzo tiles appropriately. Don’t even dare to install the tiles with your novice skills if you want the best result. So, you will have to consider the amount you will pay for the efficient assistance to the cost price to get the overall cost of laying terrazzo tiles in your house. 

More so, the materials used in the terrazzo matter. It will regulate how much it will cost you to buy and install the tiles on the floor. 

5. Terrazzo can be cold during winter

3. Avoid 80’S Old Look

Terrazzo tiles look great either on the interior or exterior of a building. No matter the design or pattern you use, it will always bring out something unique and classic. Yes. Terrazzo tiles allow tilers to bring out their creative ability. But, there’s a limitation to it. 

The tiles don’t look their best when you lay them in an old school pattern. So, if you are thinking of creating a design you saw in a house sometimes in the 80s, I guess you will not like the result. Naturally, some types of terrazzo tiles will give you an 80’s old look. So you will have to avoid buying those tiles if you want to create a modern style. 

Have you ever imagined why some terrazzo tiles look old school?  Here is the reason. In the 80s, terrazzo tiles were at the peak of patronage. You will hardly find a residential or commercial space at that time without terrazzo tiles. Now, how does it feel to know that those tiles are still pretty much available in the market? Be cautious about dodging those kinds of terrazzo tiles.

4. Terrazzo tiles are liable to cracks

Depending on how you structured the tiles, you may have to lose many tiles to cracks while laying them on your floor.  That is one of the reasons it requires the expertise of a professional tiler. 

It may amaze you to discover that even professionals have worries that terrazzo tiles can break at any point of laying if they are not cautious enough. Although you can try to manage the cracks, what about the overall beauty of the floor? No matter how much you try to restore the cracks, it will still show that something is wrong with the flooring.

For best results, make sure that choose a seasoned installer to handle your terrazzo tiles. At the same time, prepare to pay for the expertise.

5. Terrazzo can be cold during winter

Yes. Terrazzo tiles provide a mild effect on the entire atmosphere of the home. During summer, you will love it when strolling barefooted in your house. Indeed, many people love to install terrazzo tiles on their floors due to this colling advantage. 

But it becomes a con during winter. Your terrazzo tiles can make the coldness of the house unbearable, and it may be too hard to step at this time. 

Final Words 

Installing terrazzo tiles in your house can be an excellent decision, but it might not be the finest flooring choice for you if you have kids or older adults in your household. I will recommend that you use your terrazzo tiles for outdoor designs to avoid some inconveniences.