Top 6 Reasons to Install Terrazzo Tiles in Your Garden

Top 6 Reasons to Install Terrazzo Tiles in Your Garden

Terrazzo tiles can make a huge difference in a garden. What do you think of a place that naturally invites everyone, including your friends and family, for a constant visit? That is what your garden would look like if you know how to use terrazzo tiles to create magic. Click here to know more about installing Terrazzo Tiles in your garden.

If you are somebody like you who likes to chill out in the cool of the day without leaving the gates of your house, you will never joke with your garden. Your garden should be a beautiful relaxing place with a look and feel of luxury for all I know. 

There is something about terrazzo tiles and gardens. Sometimes, it looks like the manufacturers specially made the tiles for garden flooring. Let me tell you what I meant. 

I will like to take through an imaginative walk for a few minutes. Imagine yourself in a garden with high quality, well-designed terrazzo floor tiles. Now, shift your mind towards the clean barbeque area and try to sit down with some of the smiling friends and folks. How does that feel? Great? That is how much installing terrazzo tiles can transform your garden. 

Are you still contemplating whether you should try other tile options available? Allow me to share the top 6 reasons you should install terrazzo tiles on your garden floor.

1. longevity 

If you want garden flooring that can last for over a decade without constant renovation or replacement, terrazzo tiles are your best option. Indeed, you will hardly find other types of tiles that can beat terrazzo tiles when it comes to durability, which is not an exaggeration. 

Terrazzo tiles are products of marble, glass chips, and granite embedded into a cement binder. If you don’t know what that means, the materials above are rigid, and they can form a tile surface with unequalled durability.

Now you why these top quality tiles can last for hundreds of years. Usually, terrazzo tiles still stay strong even after the building has dilapidated. That is why most architects prefer using it for outdoor designs. 

Without a doubt, terrazzo tiles work well for exterior flooring, and that is the more reason they are the favourite garden flooring option for contractors and architects who want long-lasting flooring.

2. Stain repellent 

Terrazzo tiles are easy to maintain. Unlike other types of tiles that require deep cleaning, terrazzo tiles are stain-resistant. And by implication, you will only have to use soap and clean water to get rid of any dirt on the surface of your tiles. 

In a typical garden, there would be a barbeque area where spills and splashes are inevitable. Friends or family members might mess up the ground after a long day of merriment and dining. In this case, you won’t have to worry about buying some sophisticated chemicals to clean the stains that might have become sticky to the surface of the tiles.

Terrazzo tiles are good for a place like a garden where vegetation can be falling continually onto the tiles’ surface, which might eventually cause discolouration. It won’t matter to you what touches your garden floor. the only thing that would matter now is that you have good tiles that can push away stains on their own.

3. Weather resistant 

Do you know that terrazzo tiles are sealed right from the factory? Yes. No water can enter each one of them. Not only that, they are the most enduring tiles in freezing atmospheric conditions compared to other types of tiles. As a result, they don’t crack even when the weather becomes unfriendly. 

Also, considering the efficient, strong materials the manufacturer used to make these tiles, they can withstand weather, from the freezing snow to the lashing rain and the scorching sun. 

What kind of tiles would you rather install on your garden floor, if not a tile with all the qualities above? I don’t care what your taste look like, but I am sure you will enjoy having terrazzo tiles on the surface of your garden floor. Terrazzo tiles are particularly good for some areas where the weather is ever-changing.

4. Multiple choice of colours 

Terrazzo tiles offer a …

5. Terrazzo can be cold during winter

op 5 Secrets of Terrazzo Tiles That No One Is Telling You

Yes. Terrazzo tiles offer numerous benefits when it comes to home décor and maintenance, yet there are some things you might need to know to maximize their usage. In reality, Terrazzo tiles are among the most durable and versatile renovation materials, whether for residential or commercial use. Hence, don’t take it as an exaggeration when contractors and architects start to sing their praises.

Meanwhile, as good as terrazzo tiles can be, there are still some cons that people choose to keep hidden, or maybe, overlook. I wouldn’t blame them; terrazzo is worth all the accolades. 

However, knowing the cons of these tiles wouldn’t make you rate them less; it will only give you a clearer picture of how to use them appropriately. So, I am not giving out the secrets to providing a misrepresentation of these tiles; I am only giving you some essential hints to help you know what to do and what not to do with the tiles per time. 

So, what are secrets about terrazzo tiles that people seldom discuss? Let’s unveil and discuss them one after the other. 

1. Terrazzo tile is a not Do-It-Yourself choice

I know it’s good to try a few things by oneself and not always run to professionals for assistance in every situation. Especially when it comes to minor home improvement projects, it is always a smart idea to put your creative skills to work and retain the money you would have spent to hire an expert. 

But, for terrazzo tiles, it is NO-NO. I know it might sound somewhat discouraging, but that is just the simple truth. It can be very challenging to lay terrazzo tiles in any part of your if you don’t have the required experience and level of expertise. Especially if you plan to put it in situ, you might end up spoiling the whole thing if you are not a pro. Click here to read about the Top 6 Reasons to Install Terrazzo Tiles in Your Garden.

Hence, the next time you go to the market to purchase terrazzo tiles, let it be at the back of your mind that you will have to separate the money you will pay the professional tiler to help you lay them. 

2. Terrazzo tiles can be expensive 

When people tell me they’d prefer to use terrazzo tiles on their floor or wall, but they have a low budget, I always advise them to consider other options. Why? Because terrazzo tiles are not for low-budget home renovation projects. How do I mean?

First, terrazzo tiles are costly. From experience, the cost has been one of the reasons many homeowners withdraw from purchasing terrazzo tiles. Though, it might not seem like terrazzo tiles are expensive, especially if you can gallantly afford the cost. But, if you compare its prices to other tiles of similar quality, you will see a clear difference. 

Aside from the high price, it requires only the expertise of a professional tiler to lay terrazzo tiles appropriately. Don’t even dare to install the tiles with your novice skills if you want the best result. So, you will have to consider the amount you will pay for the efficient assistance to the cost price to get the overall cost of laying terrazzo tiles in your house. 

More so, the materials used in the terrazzo matter. It will regulate how much it will cost you to buy and install the tiles on the floor. 

5. Terrazzo can be cold during winter

3. Avoid 80’S Old Look

Terrazzo tiles look great either on the interior or exterior of a building. No matter the design or pattern you use, it will always bring out something unique and classic. Yes. Terrazzo tiles allow tilers to bring out their creative ability. But, there’s a limitation to it. 

The tiles don’t look their best when you lay them in an old school pattern. So, if you are thinking of creating a design you saw in a house sometimes in the 80s, I guess you will not like the result. Naturally, some types of terrazzo tiles will give you an 80’s old look. So you will have to avoid buying those tiles if you want to create a modern style. 

Have you ever …